Spiritual Snapshot

August 31, 2021 Last thoughts

There is a wind that calls us each by name, it’s name unique to everyone of us.
It speaks as a whisper and sometimes as a gale. It knows us beyond our own knowing and stays close by our side.

Ever listening.

Ever offering.

Ever knowing the depth of our despair and the wonder of what we are possible of.

During our brief time together you have stepped into my wind and become a welcome presence.

I am grateful.

I am altered.

I am into new realms of love by the experience.


Pandemic. Distance. Remote learning and living. Virtual relationships. Profound spiritual care. Loneliness. Hope. Suffering together. Waiting.

All these things walked with us.

We are not the same as we were.

We are, whether conscious of it or not, closer to ourselves, each other, the natural world and especially, Creating Spirit God.


Thank-you dear folks of St. Mark’s.

You have given me a journey I will not forget.

It is written on my heart and sewn into the fabric of my being.


In peace & affection.



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