St. Mark’s Virtual Vacation Bible Camp 2020

Welcome to week 6 of the St. Mark’s Fruit of the Spirit camp.

This weeks theme is Kindness and Goodness

We have a fun science experiment, a bird feeder craft, a cupcake for 2 recipe. As well as a spell it out game.

It’s is always important to remember to be kind.

If you would like to pick up crafts, please email me at to arrange a pickup time.

If you would like to be apart of the final weeks videos, please send in your pictures and videos of you doing the activities to

We hope you enjoy what we have planned for our final weeks!

Sending kindness and goodness your way!

Emily Harris

Children’s Program Assistant- St. Mark’s Whitby


Week 5: Fruit of the Spirit Camp/Patience.

We have a fun nature collage, a game called stack it up, a story about Abraham and Sarah, and some make your own granola bars.

For the craft, the supplies are on your own, you will be gathering some pieces of nature and tape and glue them onto a piece of paper, construction paper or even cardboard.


Week 4: Fruit of the Spirit Camp/PEACE!!

This week we have some fun things planned: make your own wind-catcher, yoga, a lesson on how to find peace in troubling times, and for a fun snack – ants on a log!!

This is what you will need to complete the craft:

Wind-catcher: paper plates, scissors, paint or markers, stickers if you have them

Snack: celery, peanut butter or alternative spread, raisins or craisins or chocolate chips.

St. Mark’s Virtual VBS Team



Week 3 Fruit of the Spirit Virtual Camp/Joy!

This week we have a Fruit of the Spirit Popsicle stick craft, an indoor and an outdoor scavenger hunt, as well as a fruit kebab snack.

Scavenger Hunt VBC Indoor_Outdoor

Your challenge this week: keep learning the words and dance moves to the Fruit of the Spirit song from weeks 1 and 2!!

Here is a list of the supplies you will need this week:

Fruit of the Spirit Popsicle stick art: 10 Popsicle sticks, markers. stickers (if you have them), tape, string, scissors

Fruit Kebab: fruit, knife to cut up fruit, kebab or tooth picks


Week 2: Fruit of the Spirit/LOVE

Your challenge this week: Get up and  get moving. This week go for a walk, or a bike or scooter ride. Anything that gets you excited to be up and moving and gets your heart pumping.

Here are some more ideas for your fun food activity.

Rice Krispy Castle

Grape Butterfly

Grape/pretzel tree



Celery/Apple Snail

Strawberry/Pancake Smiling Sun

Week 1: Fruit of the Spirit

Your challenge this week:  Make a delicious fruit salad picture like Meghan showed you in the video, and learn our camp hand-jive!  If you can, please send us a video of you doing the camp song hand-jive sometime this week or next week.  We will try to put together a video of our campers doing the camp song from your own homes.  Keep singing, practice, and have fun!



Please welcome Emily Harris as your virtual camp counselor and leader this year. She is already been busy planning more fun and activities for you for future weeks and can be reached at the camp email below.

Contact Emily at to be included in our virtual camp fun!

Children’s Program Leader: Susan Iemma

St. Mark’s is offering fun learning programs for those in grades JK-6 each Sundachess 2013y morning during the service.  The children begin their morning in the sanctuary with their parents until they are asked to join the minister or another leader at the front of the church for Children’s Time (approximately 15 minutes into the service).  After Children’s Time they proceed as a group into the educational wing where they learn bible stories and christian principles through games, arts & crafts, theatre, cooking, science and music.

Sunday School Volunteers are always welcome.  Please speak to Susan if you are interested in participating.

Nursery/Toddler Care


Infants and toddlers are welcome in the nursery (located in the educational wing).  Volunteers from St. Mark’s will entertain little ones with games, toys, stories and songs in a safe and secure environment during the service.

Please sign in your child(ren) before worship begins or at any time during the service.

Questions regarding our nursery, please contact our Sunday School Coordinator or Christian Education committee members.


Kids Exploring Faith.  Camp like fun on Sunday Mornings!

Kidventurwild weste is a  6-7  week program that follows a theme much like camp!  Children develop an understanding of how to live as God’s disciples as they meet the challenges and choices they face in today’s world.

St. Mark’s children have visited the rain forest, become pirates and treasure seekers; transformed into Agents in Action with the thrill of completing daily missions for God: participated in Wrangler Round-Up and learned lessons about Moses while in the wild west; jumped aboard a train and learned to follow Jesus in Lead the Way Jesus; and learned to be strong in faith in Amour of God.









For the whole family!!


Messy Church is a fresh new way of experiencing church on a weeknight. Messy Church is an interactive, ‘messy’ service with games, crafts, stories, celebration and sharing of
a meal.  All are welcome!  There is something for all ages, plus you don’t have to make dinner – we will!This service is hosted by the Christian Education committee, please speak to Susan if you would like to get involved.

Messy Church