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January – Epiphany Lessons – Wise Men

As we enter the new year we learn about Epiphany and the story of the 3 wise men.  Please find some activities below, to learn more about their story:

Wise Men Christmas Crafts

And as we continue our learning in the next few months we learn more about the stories of Jesus.  How he loves us, how he changed us.  Here are some Jesus themed activities about his life.



Jesus grew and learned many things; you are growing and learning to do many things. Let’s learn about Jesus together.

Bible Themes – Jesus


December – Advent Lessons – The Christmas Story 

This is the time of Advent.  We wait and anticipate the arrival of Jesus.  Click on the s link to find five Christmas lessons and activities that will remind you about part of the Christmas story.

There are a few free downloads available and lots of ideas for fun crafts and activities.

Week 1: God told the Israelites through his prophets about Jesus’ birth thousands of years before he was born.

Week 2: The angel tells good news

Week 3: The Shepherds tell about Jesus’ birth

Week 4: The Wiseman search for Jesus

Week 5: The rest of the story.

November Lesson – Follow in his Footsteps

Did you know that there are two different ways you can follow in someone’s steps? One way is to walk behind the person and follow where he is going.

Another way to follow in someone’s steps is to be like them, to act like them, or do what they have done, or to follow their example.


You can’t walk behind Jesus and follow in his steps. But you can follow in his steps by being like him.

People made fun of Jesus and called him mean names, but he didn’t call them names back. He kept his mouth closed. He only said good things to people. He listened, he helped people, he shared what he had, and he was kind, and forgiving.  He taught us many lessons about how we should treat others.  We can follow him by acting like him.  Think about what you can do to follow Jesus.

Parents: click on follow in his footsteps to access activities, games, crafts and stories.

Susan Iemma, Children’s Program Leader

October Lesson – Kindness

Jesus wants us to be like the ladybug. He wants us to be like him. He wants us to be good friends to people, to be gentle, kind, and helpful just like he was.

What are some ways that you can be helpful and kind?

Parents: click on Kindness to access activities on being helpful, all using the ladybug!

Susan Iemma, Children’s Program Leader