What We Believe



At St. Mark’s we gather in an old building,

but we are filled with new ideas.




We believe:

  • In learning and growing in faith together with laughter, fun and food;
  • In being a church home where all are welcome, all the time, including other ways of seeing things;
  • In being free to explore faith questions around today’s modern world issues;
  • In being free, and not afraid, to ask questions about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and biblical interpretation;
  • In being people of faith and science, belief and reason;
  • In not leaving our brains at the door but bringing our hearts and minds together;
  • That it is okay if we don’t all believe exactly the same way.


St. Mark’s Vision Statement (Officially adopted February 21, 2016)

Our vision is that St. Mark’s will be a worshipping, welcoming church family living the love of Jesus Christ with faith, courage and commitment in this congregation, in this community and beyond.

St. Mark’s Mission Statement (Officially adopted February 21, 2016)

To work towards our vision, united in Christ, the mission of St. Mark’s is to continue to serve God by caring for, and sharing with, those hungry in body, mind and spirit through our worship, witness, service and love.


Here is what some of us have said….. 

I felt God’s presence when:

  • “I walk early every morning”
  • “I hear the children singing”
  • “When I saw my beautiful daughter for the first time.”
  • “…in the beauty of God’s handiwork”
  • “When I saw lacy, fern-like shapes on a frosty window”
  • “After my father passed away an angel came to me in a dream and handed me a feather. This assured me that my father was in God’s loving care”

When Jesus says, “Who do you say that I am,”  I respond by saying:

  • “You are my God, friend and always there.”
  • “Shepherd of my soul”
  • “Teacher”
  • “Saviour”
  • “Son of God”
  • “Someone who should bring out the best in me”
  • “Protector of my soul and well being”
  • “Someone beyond our comprehension”
  • “The Messiah”
  • “Guide”
  • “Life”
  • “The ultimate teacher, questioning and setting a gauge for us”
  • “Jesus is faith, hope and trust”
  • “The greatest teacher”
  • “My sanctuary”
  • “Love”

The Holy Spirit’s presence in the world may be understood as:

  • “Pervasive Spirit”
  • “Maker of miracles”
  • “The essence of God’s word left with humanity to breathe”
  • “The good things that happen in the world…the feeling of happiness when a baby is born…”
  • “Sudden warmth felt in my body every time I pray”
  • “God revealed to us in the words and actions of those around us…special understanding given straight into our heart”
  • “An underlying force of good”
  •  “Spirit of God within me”
  • “The comforter that’s what the Holy Spirit does…brings joyous peace …brings hope and love”
  • “You see it in the sun rays shining down from the clouds”
  •  “The light inside of everyone”