What We Believe

welcome At St. Mark’s we gather in an old building, but we are filled with new ideas.

Living Faith Story

For almost 200 years, through faith and grace, St. Mark’s has created a faith community that promotes inclusivity and love.

Vision Statement: Our vision is that St. Mark’s will be a worshipping, welcoming church family living the love of Jesus Christ with faith, courage and commitment in this congregation, in this community and beyond.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to work towards our vision, united in Christ, the mission of St. Mark’s is to continue to serve God by caring for, and sharing with, those in need in body, mind and spirit through our worship, witness, service and love. Revised 2016

St. Mark’s is a church facing the challenges of serving a downtown community while most growth is in the suburban areas of Whitby. We are a liberal church in our theology and worship, but our congregation is diverse in its spiritual beliefs.

Our church has been part of the community for almost 200 years, originating from Methodist roots. Over time, Whitby has grown from a small rural village into a medium-sized diverse, multi-cultural community.

We enjoy the benefits of being within the Greater Toronto Area, with access to jobs, many schools including a local community college and university, a wide variety of housing, health care, family recreation, local and inter-city transit systems, and entertainment. St. Mark’s is also fortunate to have many willing volunteers to help with various aspects of our ministry, including vibrant outreach activities and missions outside the community itself.