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Minister – Rev. Patti Armstrong


Rev Patti Armstrong is the temporary full time Minister at St. Mark’s and can be reached by emailing

Henry Remiz – Organist/Choir Director

003I was born in Toronto; my parents had a deep appreciation of classical music, and I started taking piano lessons when I was about five years old.  I attended St. Michael’s Choir School in Toronto, where I continued taking piano lessons, and also learned how to play the organ. I sang in various choirs there.  Soon after, I was appointed organist for a church in west Toronto, and from 1977 to 1999, I was the organist and choir director for a number of churches in the Toronto area.  I gave up these weekend responsibilities in 1999, and started attended church more with my family, while occasionally filling in for other organists and choir directors.

My family moved to Whitby in 1993. I have four not-so-young children. Some of them like to sing. All of them have complained about taking piano lessons.  I’ve been filling in occasionally at St. Mark’s since early 2006, and I was appointed organist and director of the Chancel Choir in 2009.

I’m very pleased to be here at St. Mark’s. I can see how important music is to you, as part of your tradition and your worship experience. I have enjoyed working with the Chancel Choir, with the parish staff, with the Worship and Music Committee, and with the other musicians in the parish. The congregation has been very friendly and welcoming to me.

Children’s Program Leader

Susan Iemma

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