Health & Wellness

St. Mark’s Health and Wellness Ministry team loves their congregation by working to educate them about the link between faith and health.  The team strives to provide health promotion and educational activities that address the needs of the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

The Health Promotion bulletin board in the upper hall offers a look into various topics promoting health for men, women and children of all ages. In place of visiting St. Mark’s, please find below winter and goal setting tips.


Tips for Surviving Canadian Winters

Winter brings with it a host of safety challenges. Here are some tips for travelling in winter.

Tips for Pedestrians

There are two major sources of danger for pedestrians in the winter. The first of which is the elements and another concern for pedestrians is traffic, and the roadways.

  • check the forecast before going out.
  • dress in layers. More is better!
  • wear bright, reflective clothing. Be visible!
  • avoid climbing or standing around snow banks.

Tips for Drivers

As a driver, it’s always better to give yourself more distance between other cars in any sort of inclement weather. It’s important to remember that speed limits are set for ideal conditions, not low-visibility, low-traction winter environments. It’s also a good idea to create an emergency kit for your car. Include things like blankets, non-perishable food, and flashlights. Another odd, yet handy thing to take with you is cat litter. If your car gets stuck in the snow, cat litter can be used to create enough traction for the car to be pushed out.

Winter Safety Tips:



SMART is a goal-setting acronym, designed to help people develop goals and attain them. Here are some goal setting guidelines:


The best way to go about making your goal specific is to ask the 5 W’s: who, what, where, when, and why? What is the goal? Why do you want to reach it? Who does it involve?


If a goal is measurable, one can track progress, and stay motivated. Good questions to ask when measuring your success: how will I know when I’ve reached my goal? How much/many?


A goal must be achievable and realistic. Otherwise you will not be able to reach it, and consequently feel discouraged. 


When you set a goal, it is also important to make certain that it matters to you. Does the goal seem worthwhile? Is this the right time to accomplish the goal? A goal should be able to pass simple yes/no questions. 


Goals also need a target date. Deadlines help create a sense of progression, much measuring daily steps.


For a healthy Body, Mind and Spirit…..

Prayer is our intimate conversation with God. We can come to God with our concerns for family, friends and for ourselves. We can offer thanks for answered prayer.  The Prayer Chain is a committed group of people who pray on our behalf. There are Prayer Concern cards in the pews for you to write your request. St. Mark’s has a Prayer Box in which to place your concerns and your prayer request card. The prayer box is brought forward each week during the  Prayers of the People and placed on the Communion Table.  Your requests are important to us and will be kept confidential.  Please contact the office to add a name to the prayer list.

~Pray without ceasing

~PUSH – pray until something happens


For a healthy Body, Mind and Spirit…..

If you feel threatened, call 911!

A mental health crisis may be frightening to those near the individual in crisis. There may be many factors that have resulted in the present crisis. Aggressive behaviour is often an attempt to keep people away so that the individual can feel safe.  Safety of the individual and those in the vicinity is imperative.  Remain calm, be respectful and courteous; speak quietly and clearly.  Ask questions slowly and quietly, one question at a time. Wait patiently for an answer, avoid interrupting or correcting. Repeat questions clearly to gain better understanding.  Decrease distractions: loud noises and bright lights may escalate behaviour.  Be an ally: “how can I help you?” or “I am here to help you.”  Allow as much space as is possible, avoid getting too close or blocking an exit.


St. Mark’s Health and Wellness committee also offers educational opportunities……..

CPR/AED Training

CPR/AED re-certification training is available at St. Mark’s annually in the spring.

Spring 2021 Training Date: tba

Please contact to attend this training course.  All are welcome.