Health & Wellness

St. Mark’s has an active and engaging Health and Wellness Ministry, whose purpose is to educate the congregation about the link between faith and health.  The team strives to provide health promotion and educational activities that address the needs of the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

The Health Promotion bulletin board in the upper hall offers a look into various topics promoting health for men, women and children of all ages.  Topics include: oral health, nutrition, men’s health, breast cancer awareness, goal setting, cold and flu prevention, why sleep is important and many other engaging topics!  Take a look!

For a healthy Body, Mind and Spirit…..

Prayer is our intimate conversation with God. We can come to God with our concerns for family, friends and for ourselves. We can offer thanks for answered prayer.  The Prayer Chain is a committed group of people who pray on our behalf. There are Prayer Concern cards in the pews for you to write your request. St. Mark’s has a Prayer Box in which to place your concerns and your prayer request card. The prayer box is brought forward each week during the  Prayers of the People and placed on the Communion Table.  Your requests are important to us and will be kept confidential.  Please contact the office to add a name to the prayer list.

~Pray without ceasing

~PUSH – pray until something happens


For a healthy Body, Mind and Spirit…..

If you feel threatened, call 911!

A mental health crisis may be frightening to those near the individual in crisis. There may be many factors that have resulted in the present crisis. Aggressive behaviour is often an attempt to keep people away so that the individual can feel safe.  Safety of the individual and those in the vicinity is imperative.  Remain calm, be respectful and courteous; speak quietly and clearly.  Ask questions slowly and quietly, one question at a time. Wait patiently for an answer, avoid interrupting or correcting. Repeat questions clearly to gain better understanding.  Decrease distractions: loud noises and bright lights may escalate behaviour.  Be an ally: “how can I help you?” or “I am here to help you.”  Allow as much space as is possible, avoid getting too close or blocking an exit.


St. Mark’s Health and Wellness committee also supports the work  of the following community groups…..


Respite services for children with autism now available in Whitby at St. Mark’s United Church.

FOOTPRINTS is a local, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit program dedicated to providing respite care for families with children 13 years of age and under who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD).

Children are provided with a safe and happy environment in which to play, learn and interact with other children and volunteers.  Spaces will be provided on a first-come, first -served basis.

Established in 2004, FOOTPRINTS offers respite services under the supervision of  trained and qualified Program Coordinator.  The program offers, respite, not therapy, in a safe and happy environment.  It is designed solely for the benefit of the children and for the relief of their families.

For further information please visit


Therapeutic Touch

St. Mark’s TT Clinics

 2020 Clinic Dates:

Clinics are typically held on the first Tuesday of the month at 1 pm in the sanctuary at St. Mark’s. However have been suspended until further notice, please check here for updates.

Even though Therapeutic Touch Clinics have been cancelled.  During times of physical distancing, we are reminded how adaptable, responsive and efficient distant Therapeutic Touch® can be. Therefore we will offer distant Therapeutic Touch sessions on the regular clinic dates to those who are interested, until otherwise stated.

Therapeutic Touch is a modern version of several ancient healing practices. Developed in the 1970’s by Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, and Dora Kunz, it is now taught and studied in hospitals and universities worldwide. It is used to complement regular medical treatment, and may help your body’s own ability to heal. It is based on the concept that you are an energy field. When you are well, energy flows in, through and out of the body in a balanced, ordered way. The flow of energy may be impeded when you are ill or injured. The goal of Therapeutic Touch is to restore order and balance to the field, thus supporting the healing process.

 Research and experience have shown the effectiveness of Therapeutic Touch in:

  • Eliciting a relaxation response and reducing anxiety
  • Changing the perception of pain.
  • Facilitating the body’s natural restorative process.
  • Enhancing the rapport between a client and a practitioner

Any condition which could be helped by these effects can benefit from Therapeutic Touch.

For more information please go to

How to participate in a distance Therapeutic Touch Practice for self care:

  • Choose a place to receive your session. You could be seated or lying down on a couch or your bed with a blanket or shawl covering you. You may choose to imagine yourself in the sanctuary receiving this session.
  • Enhance the quiet in your home for this time by sharing your need for quiet at this time with others in your household. Turn your TV off and silence your cell phone,
  • You may choose to have calming music playing. We often play Robert Haig Coxon’s Silent Path (full album) which you can find on Youtube.
  • Have your healing bag (if you have one) in your hand, on your body or next to you.
  • A glass of water nearby is helpful for you to drink after receiving the session.
  • Follow any personal meditative or relaxation practice for a few minutes. Alternatively, take 3 slower breaths and focus on your breathing for a couple of minutes to assist you in relaxing.
  • Silently ask for the TT session to begin. As simple as this, the TT energy will begin flowing and you will receive a TT session (including a top up of your healing bag). The first 10 – 20 minutes will be the TT session.
  • Rest for the next 20 minutes. During the rest period your body responds to the healing changes and your own healing momentum continues.
  • Thank yourself for making time to practice this self-care.

St. Mark’s TT Clinic Facilitators, Lynn Vukosavijevic and Linda Burke, TT Recognized Pratitioners


St. Mark’s Health and Wellness committee also offers educational opportunities……..

CPR/AED Training

CPR/AED re-certification training is available at St. Mark’s annually in the spring.

Spring 2021 Training Date: tba

Please contact to attend this training course.  All are welcome.