Sharing & Worship Outline

Online Worship Service September 26, 2021
St. Mark’s Community of Faith
Pastor: Rev Deborah Elliott
Ministers: All the members of the congregation
Third Sunday in Creation Time
Welcome & Announcements

Honouring the Land

*Introit:  VU #400 Lord, Listen to your Children Praying

Minute for Mission

The Holliday Window

Call to Worship
Come and worship the God of creation.
  We bow down to the maker of heaven and earth,
Delight in all of God’s creation.
All that God created is very, very good.
Praise God for generously providing all that we need,
Purpose and meaning for life and a pattern for living.
Six days for work and one day to enter into God’s Sabbath reset.
All that God created is very very good

Opening Prayer

Hymn: VU #603 In Loving Partnership We Come (4 verses)

We Listen

Scripture: Mark 9: 38-50

These are stories from the faithful.
Thanks be to God.

We Respond

Sermon: Us and Them

Musical Offering:
Morning has Broken      Sung by Peter Hazlett
by Eleonor Farjeon

Prayers of the People

Lord’s Prayer

Hymn: VU #582 There’s A Spirit in the Air (5 verses)

We Serve



*Choral Closing: May the Blessing of God Be Upon You

Music reproduced with permission under licenses:
OneLicense A610919 and CCLI license #11269798