Companion Corner – our Covid buddies!


The increase in the number allowed for outdoor gatherings , has allowed me to add  my 5 grand dogs to my cottage guest list . Meet my visiting companions …… I am holding Ballie, and in the front left to right are Jem, Ben, Dakota and Bexley .   I do NOT “need”my own dog!

Anne S





This is Mikki, the ragdoll cat Josie shares with her roommates. Mikki adores being the center of attention, whether it’s positive or negative. If he isn’t drinking from their glasses of water, he’s pushing teacups off the table, and making sure that he’s heard. Mikki can’t stand to be ignored. Even if he’s just napping throughout the day, he insists on doing so in the same room as someone else. Luckily for him, he’s a very cuddly and sweet cat, who cares about what his three humans are up to.

Mikki also likes to think that he’s very good with computers. He’s done his best to be involved with the girl’s remote learning and work.



Companion Corner

This is Oswin and Alice, and they keep company with Erin, Sarah and Aaron.

Aaron’s rule was always that the pets should not outnumber the people… we’re a three-person household, so three pets was the limit. We had two with Miley (golden doodle) and Oswin (grey cat). Then we added Alice, a rescue kitty who is _very_ skittish around people (black-and-white cat). A week after that, Oliver (miniature schnauzer) needed rehoming within the family… it turns out that Aaron’s rules become very flexible when faced with a puppy dog in need. So now we are seven. 🙂 That seems about the right number for now.

Companion Corner

Ada shared this adorable introduction to her pet:

This is Cory. He is a lhasa apso. We adopted him seven years ago from “From My Heart Rescue.”

He just turned 14 this month. He doesn’t walk very good anymore, he doesn’t see very good anymore… he doesn’t hear very good anymore OR he just doesn’t listen, I am not sure which. There is nothing wrong with his nose, though!

He is a good boy.

We are so happy he is part of our family.

Companion Corner

Say hello to these two companions all loaded up and ready for a road trip to the cottage.

Thanks to Joyce S. for sharing a picture of her quarantine companions, 

Ariel and Bouncer.


Companion Corner

Quincy is Robin and Rob’s quarantine companion. He is an 8 year old Chihuahua/Pug mix or better known as a Chug.

Quincy loves going for walks or as we call them “sniffaries” because he always stops to sniff everything in his way.



Companion Corner

This is Sammy, the Siamese cat.

This is Dorothy and Jack French’s quarantine companion.

Companion Corner

Duet is going to be 11 in late June.




The kitties are Libby (left), age 13, and TinkerBelle, age 14.

Vicki rescued them from the Humane Society.

They are what’s kept me somewhat sane through this whole ordeal!!

Pat N.


Companion Corner

This is Toby Alexander, a smart and energetic, 6 year old miniature poodle.

He is obsessed with playing ball. He will play for hours, as visitors have discovered after making eye contact with him when carrying his ball!


Roberta M.


Companion Corner


This is Dorothy P.’s quarantine companion.


Companion Corner

I’ve always been glad I adopted Nutmeg from the Humane Society last summer because she is very friendly, affectionate and fun, but being in lockdown for the past two months has made me value her even more. She puts up with spontaneous hugs and generally keeps me organised.

She wakes me at dawn, which is getting earlier and earlier, so I can’t stay up too late at night.

I get a very loud meow when it’s tea time (treat time) and profound stares until the supper dish is filled.

We watch birds, squirrels and rabbits together. I am looking forward to seeing people soon, but I’ll always be grateful to Nutmeg.

Barbara L.




Companion Corner

This is Nimueh. Our precious bunny. She is my daughter’s companion and they are a bonded pair. Nimmy is pretty much our alpha animal, taking on dogs and cats and enjoying the occasional company of our little rattie, Scouty.  She brings such joy to our lives! We had the good fortune of discovering her at the Kawartha Human Society, where first she was indignant about the whole thing, but soon warmed up to my daughter and they have been inseparable since. She came from a hoarding situation, so her caution was expected and understood. Bunnies need very special kind of care. Nimmie goes everywhere in our home, but needs her own quiet place to rest and refresh. She never fails to amuse or remind us what really matters in life. It is truly a gift for us to care for and love her.

Rev Patti

Companion Corner

Erin T. and Aaron V. have completed their attempts at dog grooming for now. Miley (golden doodle) was much more cooperative than her mini-schnauzer brother, Oliver, was last week. There was a lot more of her to groom, though! The clippers have been put away for the time being, but Aaron’s getting shaggy…








Companion Corner

Erin T. and her husband, Aaron V., have made their first foray into the dog-grooming business. Oliver, their two-year-old miniature schnauzer, is now proudly sporting the worst haircut he has ever received. Miley, their eleven-year-old golden doodle, is up next. Stay tuned…








Companion Corner

Gracie has a friend!

Tori and Peter H. are fostering another Manitoba pup.  Her name is Jada and she arrived on Westjet on Monday, April 20 from northern Manitoba where she had been rescued by Save the Dog Network. We adopted Gracie in July 2019, who is also a Manitoba rescue.  Gracie was frequently at work with Tori, as she didn’t like to be left home alone.  We are hoping that a new friend will help her settle in!


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